The Winter Sister


by Laura

BOOK: The Winter Sister by Megan Collins (Amazon)

Category: Suspense

SUMMARY: A young woman has to travel home to take care of her sick mother, a place she's been avoiding since her sister was murdered. After several family secrets unravel, she eventually gets to the bottom of her sister's death. 


She was a kid when her sister disappeared and maybe knows more about that night than she’d ever care to share. “The Winter Sister” is at its face a story about an unsolved murder, but at its core a story about a family with secrets and in turmoil.

Sylvie eventually goes off to school, motivated to get out of her house. Her mother developed an intolerable drinking problem after her sister was murdered. Can you blame her? I can’t. But I also understand why Sylvie leaves as soon as she can and doesn’t come home—ever. That is, until her mom develops cancer, and there’s no one else to take care of her.

Sylvie always thought her sister’s boyfriend killed her. You’ll see why. And as a woman with two sisters, I find this whole story very personal. While not totally realistic, I have, of course, put myself in a hypothetical situation where a man has hurt my sister. Let me put it this way - there’s not a scenario where I DON’T try to hurt them (I also realize this blog post completely wipes out my plausible deniability, should a trial arise).

When Sylvie goes home, she finds out things about her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, her mother and even her neighbors that she had never known. She follows a series of leads that ultimately helps her find answers and justice.

This book is packed full of family drama, secrets, suspense and a murder investigation. If you’re a fan of a thriller and a head-scratcher, this is worth the read.  

Laura Beggs