One Day in December


a conversation with Sam and Abby

BOOK: One Day in December by Josie Silver (Amazon)

Category: Romance


SUMMARY: A girl, Laurie, is sitting on a bus. A boy, Jack, is sitting at the bus stop. They share an electric moment that can only be described as love at first sight. But the bus pulls away before either of them can make a move. (NOOOOO) A year later, at Laurie’s Christmas party, Jack walks through the door…as her best friend Sarah’s new boyfriend * gasp *. The next 10 years is full of twists, turns and will they or won’t they?

READ THIS BOOK IF: You’re a sucker for romantic comedies, believer in love at first sight, or if you need a warm, cozy break from the bleak, cold world around us.

Here is a real life Slack conversation between two book babe besties, Abby and Sam, about the book. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

Sam: Ok. One Day in December.

Sam: I have a lot of feelings.

Abby: SAME. This book was a wild ride of romance.

Abby: This is actually not the type of book I usually go for, but I ordered it on Amazon after you got it from Book of the Month, I think - everyone was posting about it on Instagram and it looked really good.

Sam: Yeah, it had been a while since I had read some good ol' fashioned chick lit. I think I saw Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling post about it...and obviously was sold.

Sam: I don't want to be dramatic, but if it doesn't become a movie, I will freak out.

Abby: It almost feels like a book that was written *to* become a movie, if that makes sense? Like...I am hard-pressed to think of a better recent example of the rom com genre. It had everything - a meet cute, a strong female friendship, a love triangle.

Sam: The holy trifecta. Ok, one thing that obviously needs to be addressed - In the first chapter, the main character, Laurie, is on this bus and sees this guy at a bus stop and literally...they exchange glances and it's love at first sight.

Sam: So great of a glance did he give her to make her search for him for an entire YEAR?!

Sam: I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a glance from a man.

Abby: That is a VERY good point. I feel like there are a few instances in this book that demand a certain suspension of disbelief.

Sam: I'm skeptical, but I want to believe in it. (The whole love at first sight thing).

Sam: I mean, the reality is, she could have found him and he could have been like "Hey I'm Jack, I'm going to chop you up into little pieces now."

Sam: Laura would read that version of the book.

Abby: HAHA. So true.

Sam: One Dead Day in December.

Abby: That ~ glance ~, though, is basically the catalyst for the entire plot, right? Laurie immediately falls in love with the bus guy and spends an entire year mooning over him, hoping she'll run into him at a bar or on the street.

Abby: Except weirdly, I don't think she ever goes back to the same bus stop to try to find him, which would seem like the obvious choice.

Sam: Haha, right. Maybe he would have been there.

Sam: Still waiting.

Sam: With a single red rose.

Abby: Like the British commuter's version of The Bachelor.

Sam: But NAH. Laurie's bestie Sarah finds him first!!!!!!! What. A. Pickle.

Sam: Sarah knew all about the mystery bus guy but somehow, I guess, Laurie failed to accurately describe him?

Abby: Hahaha, right? That was a little unbelievable to me, too - she had spent an entire year talking about this guy and describing him *in great detail*, yet somehow, her roommate failed to realize it was the same person.

Abby: It happened in literally the most awkward way, too - didn't she bring him to her birthday party? And Laurie and Jack both pretended they didn't know each other, which was obviously the wrong move.

Sam: Yeah, that birthday scene was SO awkward.

Abby: Right?! It made it so much weirder that she didn't say anything.

Sam: It would be weird though, I guess, if it's your best friend.

Abby: Yeah, I mean there isn't really a GOOD move there. Is Sarah supposed to break up with him because he and Laurie shared one sensual glance on a bus? IDK.

Sam: HAHA, one sensual glance

Sam: What's a girl gotta do to get a glance like that?

Abby: LOL. So clearly this sets up a VERY triangle? I'm hesitant to even call it that because Laurie and Jack basically refuse to admit they know each other. But there is some...tension, shall we say.

Sam: Yeah, I feel like it's weird how long they wait to acknowledge the bus thing.

Sam: But I get it. Jack is trying to be a good boyfriend and Laurie is trying to be a good bestie to Sarah.

Sam: And Jack seems to genuinely like Sarah.

Abby: Yes! They are actually cute together. I remember one scene where he's, like, staring at her while she's sleeping, thinking about how beautiful she is. We can put aside the semi-creepiness of that for a minute and agree that he was really into her.

Abby: But obviously - he can’t forget THE GLANCE.

Sam: Hahaha #glancegate

Sam: One thing I think is interesting about the book is that it's written from both Laurie and Jack's points of view. I thought that was cool.

Abby: Yeah, I actually did like that, too.

Abby: I was about to say, I thought it was sort of hard to pick a side to be on? The central question of the book is basically whether Laurie or Sarah will end up with Jack, and it’s actually not obvious what’s going to happen. That was a good thing, I think - it kept it from being too cliché. And maybe that’s because of the multiple perspectives.

Sam: For sure. And also, being so in the character's heads makes them honestly pretty unlikeable, haha.

Sam: But yet...I still rooted for them?

Abby: Yeah, I agree.

Abby: I think that’s another point for the book, IMO - the characters were more complex than you would expect from a silly romance.

Abby: But yeah, I’m actually remembering specific scenes now where I was like, MAD at Jack. And thinking they were definitely all idiots.

Sam: Jack was kind of awful for a lot of the book.

Abby: Honestly - I thought a lot of the men in the book were pretty awful! Jack eventually redeemed himself at least. But it was not, like, a study in evolved masculinity.

Sam: Oh yeah, the men were terrible.

Sam: Honestly, everyone sucked except Sarah.

Abby: Yeah, everything bad that happened to Laurie was pretty much her fault.

Abby: This is a good lesson to us all to speak up, in the very specific case of your best friend accidentally dating the boy you're in love with.

Sam: I don't think a man's glance could ever cause me to lie in a friendship.

Abby: Not even the most sensual of bus glances?

Sam: I mean…WHO’S TO SAY. I just feel like at that point - you don't even know each other. So if my friend finds him first and likes him a lot...sure, go for it.

Sam: I'll just start hanging out at the bus stop more often.

Abby: Hahaha, right, where everyone meets men.

Sam: That's the biggest take away.

Sam: Stop hanging out on Tinder, start hanging out at bus stops.

Abby: I actually really did like the female friendship aspect of the book - I feel like as much as it was a love story, it was also about friendship and loyalty and the growing pains that can come between two friends in their early 20s.

Sam: Yes, I totally agree. I liked the friendship aspect, too - I think it gave the book a lot more depth and made it feel more true to life.

Abby: Totally agree. And that made it feel different from most like early-2000s romances where the main plot is like, "WILL THE GIRL GET THE GUY???"

Abby: This was more like "Which girl will get the guy, and will their friendship survive, and will they both find fulfilling careers?" It was much more well-rounded.

Sam: Hahaha, right - when the whole plot was about a nerdy girl becoming pretty for a bet.

Sam: And then the popular guy falls in love with her because she looks good without glasses.

Abby: LOL, I think you are literally describing the plot of at least 3 distinct movies I can think of.

Abby: But yes - I’m not sure that I would go so far as to call this, like, progressive or anything. but it definitely had layers.

Sam: Hahah, no - this is not lit fiction. I would say it's a more upscale rom com though.

Abby: Hahaha, yes, that's a good genre. It's not intellectual, but it won't make you feel gross for reading it.

Sam: Exactly.

Abby: I actually really liked it - I read it over winter break and remember staying up late several nights to finish it because I HAD to find out what happened.

Sam: SAME.

Sam: And the ending, which I won't give away, was really satisfying.

Abby: Yes, totally agree.

Sam: I'm not embarrassed to recommend this book.

Abby: I mean, I would literally never be embarrassed to recommend something that also has Reese and Mindy’s stamp of approval.

Sam: Hahah, that's fair. They are the queens.

Sam: I hope Josie Silver comes out with more books.

Sam: Maybe she could be the next Nora Ephron. #RevivetheRomCom

Abby: SAME. I would 100% read more. This was an easy read but super entertaining.

Abby: We are all aboard the rom com train in 2019.