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An Anonymous Girl


Listen. Did I enjoy reading this book? Yes. Was it any good? No. That might not make a lot of sense to some of you, but for those of you that enjoy Lifetime movies, you’ll understand. The book is centered around a woman named Jessica who is low on cash and emotionally just trying to survive (we can all relate right?).

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To Shake the Sleeping Self


I turn 30 this year and when Jedidiah Jenkins wrote about his itch, his feeling of restlessness, his desire to break free from the hamster wheel of death that is adulthood - I totally understood how he felt. The difference between me and Jedidiah Jenkins is that his 30-year itch drove him to quit his job and ride a bicycle all the way from Oregon to Patagonia for 16 months with ZERO training.

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The Incomplete Book of Running


I’ve never been a runner. Until recently, the closest I had come was shuffling my way through a few amateur 5ks every year in order to justify the aggressive Saturday day-drinking of my early 20s. At one holiday race a few years ago, I actually planned on exerting myself so little that I wore bright red lipstick and a headband shaped like a Christmas tree.

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