Emily's Top Picks for Being Single on Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day while single: it’s a BIG mood.

While Galentine’s Day is a joyous occasion no matter your relationship status, Valentine’s Day isn’t *traditionally* a single gal’s favorite holiday.

That is — until this year. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is the BEST day of the year to be single. All of your coupled friends will have plans with their significant others, so you can spend the entire evening eating chocolate and truly LUXURIATING in your alone-ness. Honestly, what is better than enjoying some put-upon, faux sadness that allows you to forgo the gym and binge eat candy in your pajamas, while reading your favorite book? It’s the one day of the year you can fully embrace ALL the clichés about being single without even feeling bad about it. Wear black to work. Spit on happy people. Send your mom a text that says, “DO YOU THINK I’LL DIE ALONE?” while you pour yourself another glass of wine. (Spoiler alert: we all die alone, honey.) All the while, secretly remembering that your life is actually super dope because you don’t have to share your bathroom sink (or time! or money!) with another gross human being!


Valentine’s Day is the literal perfect excuse to positively luxuriate in your fake sadness, while actually remaining secretly convinced that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Enjoy it, babes! And pick up one of these books while you’re at it. Because like you, they are perfect just the way they are.

  •  Spinster: Making A Life of One’s Own by Kate Bolick — If there was ever a single girl’s (intellectual) manifesto – this is it! Bolick will have you positively convinced that you don’t need a man – just a beautiful Manhattan apartment where you can carefully arrange your tastefully feminine furniture. This book is *super* literary so you can feel great about your single status AND your brain power.

  •  Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding — Okay, I know this one feels obvious, but have you READ this book lately? Or watched the movie? I honestly think it’s a grossly underrated franchise and I recognize how highly rated it already is. Although Bridget Jones ends up finding love in the end (that is not a spoiler! you already knew that, duh!), she enjoys plenty of embarrassing heartache along the way, so it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day book for any single gal.

  •  F*ck Feelings by Michael Bennet and Sarah Bennet — Screw love! Well…not just love, actually, but ALL feelings. Psychiatrist Michael Bennet and his comedy writing daughter, Sarah Bennet, make a pretty compelling case that ALL feelings are overrated, and that we should stop trusting them altogether. Honestly, it’s a really interesting take and one that freed me from a lot of super lame introspection that was actually getting me nowhere. Intrigued? This article explains it a lot better than I can, but I highly recommend this book.

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